Kite Point

7FRM+VW Buxton, North Carolina


Choppy, Flat, Shallow

Kite Point

Kite Point in the Outerbanks is a great sound side – go to destination for NE winds but is best on a SW. Located in Buxton, NC during its Kiteboarding season you can usually kite almost every day you’re there. If your coming from the North you will pass the first big parking area which is Canadian Hole where the wing, windsurfers and other sports are and the second parking area will let you know your at Kite Point!

Kite Point has shallow water for miles and is great for all levels including beginners! It has plenty of room outside the launch to get out and grab your own space on the water. Great location for a quick down winder south to a few islands before hitting Frisco or other spots located further into Buxton. You could also start your down winder going north from this location.

Wind Description

Winds at Kite Point usually vary between NE and SW. A direct east wind is pretty horrible at this location.

Setup & Launch

Huge area to set up and launch anywhere on the shore next to the water. Best to stay clear of the walkways!

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