Kelly Park

2504-2526 N Banana River Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952


Choppy, Flat

Kelly Park

Kelly Park offers shallow water for kiteboarding but also has some spots deep enough and foilboard riders. The depth here is deeper than the other locations in the area. The bottom is muddy with no oyster beds but be wary of fishermen debris, we recommend water shoes. This location can get windier then beach locations because of the thermals in the summer season.

Watch out for boat traffic, windsurfers and kayakers. The windsurfing shop does not accommodate kiteboarding and is very negative towards kiteboarders but kiteboarding is allowed at this location.

Wind Description

The best wind direction for Kelly Park is South East but can be kited in East and South winds as well.

Setup & Launch

You can set up in the grassy field next to the parking lot and also from the water. Plenty of room for most type of launches at this kiteboarding location.

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