Crandon Park

6747 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149


Choppy, Flat, Shallow, Waves

Crandon Park

Kiteboarding at Crandon Park is an awesome place to ride but heavily maintained with rules and regulations. Please make sure you are fully updated before going out at Crandon Park. To set up at the riding location you should have either a day pass ($40+) or an annual pass ($350). The pass also comes with a colored ribbon that should be displayed at all times and is only achieved after displaying a level 3 riding skill test and signed copy of the rules.
MKB Beach Marshall has authority over all riders and will make sure you obey the rules posted at this location.

Wind Description

N to South are going to be the best directions to take advantage of at this spot. We don't recommend riding in any westerly winds.

Setup & Launch

Before setting up you must sign in at the MKB truck in the parking lot. They only allow 25 kiters on the water at all times. You must setup, land and launch only between Lifeguard towers #1 and #2. Use the corridor to only enter and exit the beach. There is to be no riding or jumping inside this main corridor. Once you’ve made it out you need to kite outside of the buoys which are 600 feet off shore at all times. If you accidentally go inside the swim zoom you need to activate your quick release and retrieve your kite in one hand while drifting in this zone.
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