Cherie Down Park

8330 Ridgewood Ave, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920


Choppy, Waves

Cherie Down Park

Cherie Down Park – Kiteboarding in this beach location is one of the more friendlier beach locations in the area. It’s a popular wide beach area with plenty of room to launch. There is a huge parking area with showers and restrooms but on events and weekends this can fill up before lunch. The beach has a slow roll out so standing a few yards out is possible before it drops off a bit deeper.

Please do not kite in front of the lifeguard tower or close to swimmers!

Rarely there are also people fishing from shore but you can see the large poles stuck in the sand 100% of the time.

Cherie down park also is the start of a great kiteboarding down winder on ocean side. If you go south just past the pier to the first group of people or the containers on the beach that is the 520 causeway which could offer a quick and easy run! Beware when passing the pier, they fish from that too so go a bit further out then the end of the pier.

Wind Description

North East offers some of the best conditions at Cherie Down Park but you can kite here with anything side or onshore.

Setup & Launch

Set up is usually a bit north of the parking area but its a big white sandy beach for all users as long as u stay clear of beach goers.

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