1086 lake view West Rd Brule NE, 69127

Lake McConaughey ( Nebraska ocean )

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Lake McConaughey ( Nebraska ocean )
KITE4u Staff

Quick Look

Kiteboarding Lake McConaughey ( Nebraska ocean )

It’s an enormous lake. Full of deep water 20 miles x 5 miles wide.  It does get fairly choppy especially in an on shore wind.
When the wind blows straight down the lake it creates monster swells. They can be pretty fun to surf.

The windows get stronger. Due to the wide open area there’s nothing to stop it. Storms can pop up fast so I’ll be prepared. Also keep your eye out on the beach for sand blowing into dust devils

Setup & Launch

Anywhere on the miles of Sandy Beach is you can launch and land.

  • Can drive on the beaches but watch out for soft sand
  • It’s an irrigation reservoir which means no powerlines. Surrounded by cornfields very secluded.
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