Florida Kiteboarding

Florida Kiteboarding  offers a tropical feel and this location has many different riding locations. Being surrounded by water on both the east and west coast with a pretty much ride all year mentality.  The best time to visit would be October - May but you can ride in the summer months due to thermal winds or their yearly tropical storm/hurricane season. From North to South this location truly delivers!

Best Time To Go Kiteboarding In Florida

The best time to Kiteboard in Florida is from October - May which offers a bit more consistent wind throughout its season. But you can also kiteboard in the summer months as well.

What Kite Gear Should I Bring?

Kite gear depends on the season your here for: In the season it is popular to have a 12m & 9m based on average rider weight. Obviously adjust these sizes per user size but these would be most common. A few times a year you could go a bit lower and in the summer months you could go a lot bigger.  This is one of those locations you may just want to bring as much as possible. If not there are plenty of shops and schools here that would be willing to rent you equipment as well.

Featured Riding Locations


 Florida Listings

Riding Location

Smyrna Dunes

NE to SE
North America, Florida, New Smyrna Beach
Riding Location

Parrish Park

SE - Perfect Flat
North America, Florida, Titusville
Riding Location

Crandon Park

North to South
North America, Florida, Key Biscayne
Riding Location

Kelly Park

East, South East, South
North America, Florida, Meritt Island
Riding Location

Anne’s Beach

ENE, East to Southwest
North America, Florida, The Keys
Riding Location

Cherie Down Park

ENE - South Winds
North America, Florida, Cocoa Beach
the 520 slick
Riding Location

The 520 Slick

Best On North & NW
North America, Florida, Cocoa Beach

Other things to do?

There are plenty of things to do while in Florida, from there parks, nightlife, food and other businesses that thrive off this tourist location. You can find a bit of everything on your visit to Florida.