Cocoa Beach Kiteboarding

Cocoa Beach Kiteboarding brings an excellent travel destination or home location. Tropical warm winds keep this a must have location.  Cocoa Beach is home to multiple popular Florida riding locations. From the 520 Slick on intercoastal to multiple spots on the beach for wave riding. There are also two shops in the area who can help with rentals, lessons or just some spot knowledge.

Best Time To Go Kiteboarding In Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach has the typical Florida season which runs from October - May, but you can ride all summer as well based on thermal winds. Keep in mind it may be a bigger kite in the summer months. While not for everyone the hurricane season also brings in some very strong storms that are great for riding before or after!

What Kite Gear Should I Bring?

Cocoa Beach is one of those spots were it depends on what season your visiting. A 9m and 12m would be most common in the season and bigger kites would be recommended in the summer. There may be days where you need a smaller kite size though!

Featured Riding Locations


 Cocoa Beach Listings

Riding Location

Cherie Down Park

ENE - South Winds
North America, Florida, Cocoa Beach
the 520 slick
Riding Location

The 520 Slick

Best On North & NW
North America, Florida, Cocoa Beach

Other things to do?

Cocoa Beach is 40 minutes from Orlando so not only can you enjoy everything on the beach life side of things but you can also enjoy the tourist attractions and nightlife Orlando has to offer!