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H2O Sports – South Padre Island

Kite shop in South Padre Island, Texas

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Welcome to H2O Sports where we specialize in “Safety First” and personal Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding lessons. South Padre Island is known world wide as “the” place to learn Kiteboarding. At H2O Sports we make you feel safe and comfortable and then and only then will you progress. The Laguna Madre offers us unlimited teaching opportunities, so depending on your skill level, we will create your personal lesson plan. We use the newest equipment from Airush Kiteboarding, a Jet Ski and a 23 foot luxury Pontoon boat equipped with our custom “Boom System”  to get you safely, quickly and efficiently up and riding. We use the BBTalking, 2 way radio communication system. This allows us to give you a real time instructional experience. Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing are constantly moving sports and with the 2-way radio system we are with you at all times.

H2O Sports offers a simple pricing structure. Start at a base price and just add what your skill level requires us to use.

No Jet Ski or boat support: For the beginners or those that just need a quick refresher or tune up.

Jet Ski supported lesson: For those that are starting to get up so we can go for quality mileage. Then all the way through any advanced riding lessons. The Jet Ski allows us to follow you and instruct in real time with our BBTalking radio system.

Boat Boom Time Lessons:

1) Our boat is specially equipped with our “Boom System”, please click here for more information on this teaching tool.

2) Pure luxury – you can bring up to 2 friends or family members to watch for free. Bring extra food, towels, clothing (we have a changing room), camera or video equipment for you or your instructor to use.