Kiteboarding Travel: Equipment Tips

Kiteboarding travel can be difficult. This is an extremely equipment heavy sport after all. Not to mention, while we may have a decent idea of the wind prediction, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to conditions. Expanding your horizons to multiple kiteboarding locations is very different from going down to your trusted secret spot. You’re probably going to have to take most, if not all, of your equipment as opposed to just one or two kites and a board. There is nothing worse than traveling for days or hours to get to a kiting spot only to realize you do not have an ideal or even viable setup.

The easy solution here might be to rent equipment. It’s convenient, and your personal kites and boards stay safe at home. This is, unfortunately, not always viable. Unless you’re going to a well-known spot, there may not be a rental place nearby, if at all. Even if there is, it will cost you a pretty penny.
Kiteboarding Travel
If the spot you’re traveling to is within driving range, you’ll have the best luck with packing. Chances are if you’re a kiter you already have a vehicle with plenty of storage. Even if you don’t however, I recommend renting one. Now, I know that sounds bad. You probably want to avoid unnecessary costs, but think about it. This allows you to bring your own set ups as well as spares your personal vehicle however many hundreds of miles. It can be well worth it in the long run if you find a deal. So, now that you’ve secured yourself a vehicle with a very large trunk or back compartment, you can pack your things. Do be careful though, this will require some Tetris skills no matter how large it is. You kites should be fine if you pack them in their bags well. Your boards you’ll want to protect. It is recommended that when traveling for kiteboarding to cap the edges of your boards. If you have the packaging the board came in, you’ll find little rubber bumpers that are perfect for this. If you don’t, you can cut up a pool noodle and that works just fine as well.
If you can’t drive, don’t worry, you still have other options. If you know what hotel you’ll be staying at you can always send your kiteboarding equipment ahead of you. Most hotels will take guest mail free of charge or for a low cost. You will want to check ahead of time though. While this is a good solution because you can use your own equipment, shipping costs can be pricey. It is still cheaper than extra bags on a plane though.
No matter how you do it, it is always good to have a plan ahead of time for your kiteboarding travel. Go over your options to see what works best for you. Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to kite anywhere, given that the wind is on your side.

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Kiteboarding Travel: Equipment Tips
Alana Turner
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