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Cherie Down Park - Cocoa Beach

Best Wind Months

October – May is the windiest time but due to thermals and storm wind you can actually kite here all year long, hit or miss in the summer months.

Wind Direction

NE to South are going to be the best directions to take advantage of at this spot.

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Kiteboarding Cherie Down Park

Cherie Down Park is one of the best spots in Cocoa Beach on a North East wind. This is an ocean riding spot with a huge beach area with slow rolling waves. While their could still be a crowd during the summer months it is far less crowded then other locations and plenty of room to ride for kiteboarders. 

This location has restrooms and showers as well as a huge parking area you will find when you pull in to the park parking lot. It’s free parking but the gate does close in the evening so make sure to check the sign for closure times.

On a good North East day you can find a lot of the locals do down winders as far as 13th street which allows for anything up to a good 7 mile run. For less than $2, you can take the bus system all the way back anywhere you choose to get out – and it comes every 30m. (make sure u have water shoes and a shirt)

Cherie Down Park: Setup & Riding

When you walk out to the beach for setting up, stay away from the lifeguard towers. Most people are rigging up a bit to the left when you walk out. When riding make sure you stay clear of the swimming area in front of the tower and the rest is open water for as far as you want!

Kiteboarding Shops & Schools in the Area

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