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Anne's Beach - Islamorada

Contributors: Jim Daugherty

Best Wind Months

Sept – April offers great frontal & trade winds. It can easily brlow from all day to all night in the right conditions. Summer is usually lighter winds and hit or miss.

Wind Direction

ENE to East to SW are the best directions to hit this spot.

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Kiteboarding Anne's Beach - Islamorada

Kiteboarding Anne’s Beach gets super crowded on weekend during its peak season and their are only 9 parking spots on the south parking lot right at the beach location. There is additional parking about 1000 ft down the road for Anne’s Beach & the restrooms are about the same distance down the boardwalk. There is no specific restrictions but keep in mind this is a popular beach and is pretty close to the highway. Anne’s beach offers a shallow swimming areas, picnic tables that are covered, bathrooms & showers.

Anne's Beach: Setup & Riding

The water in the area is mostly 2-6 ft deep so pay attention to  where you land with your air tricks. Perfect for beginners to advanced riders. It has a slightly muddy to grassy bottom and the water is crystal clear like most of the keys locations. At high tide there is barely enough room in the launch area but the flat water makes it easy to do a drift launch once you get setup. There is also a second entrance a bit further south a lot of kiteboarders use on the sandy area to the left of the parking lot for setting up.

Booties are recommended at this water location but not necessary. You should stay away from the main channel as the current under the bridge can be strong. 

Kiteboarding Shops & Schools in the Area

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