Kite Beach, Cape Town

Kite Beach

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Kite Beach
KITE4u Staff

Quick Look

Kiteboarding Kite Beach

Kitebeach is a well-known kitesurfing site in Cape Town. You might be able to spot some of the pro riders if you’re lucky. On a good day, this place may be extremely busy. Kitebeach is ideal for wakestyle and wave riding. The swell ranges from 1 to 3 meters most of the time.

Please keep an eye out for other cyclists in the evenings since the light sets straight in your eyes, making it harder to see other riders.

Usually sideshore or onshore. Can get very strong and up to 40knots. Picks up in the mornings but gets strong as the day goes on.

Although there is only a 60 percent –70 percent probability of wind, the best wind is from November to the end of February. Which means you’ll always have a few days in between with no wind in Cape Town, but you’ll have lots of alternatives for day trips to nearby destinations or simply exploring the region, which has a lot to offer.

Setup & Launch

Plenty of beach to launch and land on.

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