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Advertising with us

We offer premium advertising locations around our site to allow your business or event to get in front of more kiteboarding minded users. Your advertising must be kiteboarding related and we can help you customize it to get more interactions.

Sidebar Advertising

The sidebar ads on Kite4u consist of all content locations with sidebar spaces available. These are displayed all around the site in various locations and will rotate out with any existing sidebar ads of the same type.

Mid Content Advertising

Our mid content advertising block displays on content sections on all free listed items.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising gets shown at the bottom of mobile devices on all pages except paid business listings.


Kite4u sponsorship helps us keep focusing on the things you enjoy most out of our directory. We will display your advertisement or logo not only on our home page but also in various locations around the site.
* After purchasing your advertising spot or sponsorship we will contact you to get you set up!